Client Testimonies

Nahum Rapoport—President, REMTEC

"Three years ago I hired CCG to help identify and qualify new business opportunities for Remtec, a supplier of enhanced metalized ceramic products. In addition, I outlined my desire to find an exit strategy for the company. Previously, I had engaged with a number of business brokers attempting to find an exit strategy for the shareholders without success. The team at CCG helped to identify and qualify a number of new customers along with creating a marketing plan for Remtec to enter emerging markets. CCG assisted in the creation of a new marketing campaign that included a new website and trade show exhibition booth. Most importantly, CCG was able to identify, qualify and help close on the strategic acquisition of Remtec by Legacy Technologies Inc.”

Jan Davidson­­—Owner, The Upstate Home Store

“Recently, I engaged the team at the Clemson Consulting Group/CCG to work with me developing a number of viable exist strategies for my granite countertop business. CCG promptly conducted extensive research, analysis and provided me with a number of feasible exit strategies. It has been a pleasure working with the team at the Clemson Consulting Group. CCG provided me with a great deal of guidance that I could not have done on my own especially while managing the business on a daily basis. I plan to continue to utilize CCG to help me complete the process.”

Kevin Cotner—President, Santier

“Santier could not have had a more experienced and resourceful consultant, for business development. Recently, we hired the Clemson Consulting Group/CCG to identify new business opportunities and review the overall Sales/Marketing program at Saniter, a supplier of thermal management heat spreaders and ceramic products. The team at CCG was able to clearly identify and closed on a major military customer. In addition, CCG helped to identify a number of potential new customers. Most importantly, CCG reviewed our entire Sales/Marketing Program providing senior management with a number of sound recommendations that will help Santier continue its present growth path. We have viewed CCG as part of extended team.

I strongly recommend the Clemson Consulting Group for your business development needs.”

Bruce Diggett—President, Legacy Technologies

Two years ago, Legacy Technologies, a glass to metal seal manufacturing company was faced with a mature product offering limiting revenue growth. We needed to find growth in new markets and hired Bill Dinardo to help us expand our product offering and market base. Resulting from Bill’s experience and expertise in this area LTI has been able to penetrate new markets for power transistor’s and ordnance seals creating a new market path. LTI is presently in a growth phase and postured to continue growing for the foreseeable future. In addition, Bill was instrumental in identifying a strategic acquisition candidate that has proven to be a real winner. I would high recommend Bill for your business development and M&A requirements.