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Every business needs a plan, a strategy that defines its vision, goals and how they will be attained. A simple and well defined business strategy can take your business to the next level. The Sales & Marketing portion of the plan must clearly define the tactics to be used and implementation program to make it happen. CCG with help to strategically define your target markets. Conduct brainstorming sessions with key management to stimulate “out of the box” thinking for new product development and brand identity. Devise the best and most effective promotional vehicles strategy to reach the target market. The CCG team with help with identification of new business opportunities along with approaching and securing new clients.





In today’s competitive and demanding market many growth orientated companies find it difficult to obtain organic growth. The development and implementation of a strategic acquisition strategy can be the best answer to this problem. A strategic acquisition can provide efficiencies from consolidation of duplicate functions, facilities to the ability to dovetail synergistic customer data bases providing new opportunities. CCG can develop a list of potential candidates, perform proper due diligence and aid in acquisition process.

We assist business owners that are confronting business and life changes by creating sound business exit strategy goals. The team at CCG is experienced in helping clients create succession plans to ensure seamless management and continued growth. Working closely with stakeholders we develop exit strategies to ensure that their investments and years of hard work are maximized. CCG can help with the entire process from inception to closing.




Often you need a safe, dependable and knowledgeable person to represent your best interest on occasions when you or your team lack experience, time or resources. CCG can act as an extension of your management team in areas such as acquiring new customers, procurement, project management, M&A and capital acquisition.




The Selling Process is probably one of the most critical functions performed in all businesses. Failure to execute accurately and efficiently can be extremely costly. The experience team at CCG will conduct a systematic examination of the Sales Process. The first step ensuring that the specific “target markets” has been properly identified. It is critical that customer “wants and needs” have been accurately identified and then determined how to best satisfy and capture the opportunities. CCG will review the Quote process to ensure that a prompt accurate review and response is provided to the request for quotation. Valuable information will be obtained via a quote follow-up procedure to capture and track reasons for loss quote opportunities. A complete promotional review will be conducted ensuring that the best type of selling techniques are being utilized whether it be internet, direct selling vs distributor or representative. Lastly, a review of Market Communication tools including website, trade show, advertising, press releases and other marketing tools completes the process.




Our goal is to offer a clear view of the dynamics for success in today’s complex and competitive marketplace. Through our custom quantitative and qualitative approaches, CCG provides critical data to better quantify potential available market opportunities in order to deliver better business performance and growth. CCG’s Competitive Intelligence and Market Intelligence consulting services are designed to help enterprises develop solutions that can advance their business goals in relation to their larger market. Selected search offerings include monitoring of competitor activity and movement, market shifts, disruptive technology, and threat indicators.




In today’s social media driven business climate your marketing message should convey a compelling story about your business, and accurately communicate the benefits of doing business with you. The team at CCG can assist you with the following:

  • Website Development / Search Engine Optimization - create websites and periodically update text to refresh SEO.
  • Logo/Branding – tells the story about your company, products who you are and what your customers think of you.
    Press Releases – introduction of new products/services, key new hire employees, certifications, company milestones, etc..
  • News Articles – create timely new product/service application articles in industry trade journals to attract attention in the market.
  • Product Data Sheets – technical data sheets listing all features and product specifications
  • White Papers -- are informational documents issued by a company to promote or highlight the features of a solution, product or service. These documents help customers understand and potentially purchase a particular product, service, technology or methodology.